6Most of the time, you will need a certification of completion in Basic Life Support training to be a working nurse, and this BLS is a bit more advanced than CPR. Let us now take a deeper understanding into the topic.

CPR Courses

Even if you are not in a healthcare profession, you can still take up CPR. Fact is that, a company or an organization for example must have one first aider that will be held responsible for thirty of the employees within the organization itself. The first aider must always carry his or her certificate. Through this manner, the company can make sure that a certified first aider can offer his services to patients immediately. The validity of the certificate only lasts for two year, but you can apply your skills again by attending a first aid training course and renewing your certificate, enabling you to practice once more.

BLS Training

Basic Life Suport or known as BLS, is a technique used widely by many people to immediately treat people with life-threatening cases. CPR Training now seems a bit more important to us now. Learning BLS, you are able to further your help to people and especially the ones who are suffering from much more complicated cases.

ACLS Training

Advance Cardiac Life Support is an in-depth course that takes up more advanced skills and techniques in saving people’s lives. All the procedures in this training will help you respond quickly and appropriately to any serious emergency situations such as cardiac arrests or any other cardiac emergency.

Where to Get ACLS Certification

There are a variety of places where Advanced Cardiac Life Support training is available, but he most important thing to consider before choosing a place is whether they are certified by the American Heart Association (AHA). When out choosing the best place to receive ACLS training, you should look for places that are constantly aiming for the continuance of professional development. You will find that ACLS courses from different places will vary in duration and prices, and though taking a nurse off work will not be one of the best ideas, taking the time off to take ACLS courses is surely one of the good ones. Fortunately, thanks to the technological advancements we have nowadays, more and more ACLS providers are now offering online tests to help decrease the amount of training time people will have to go through. When you are taking these online tests, or making use of any materials that are virtually produced, make sure that the information provided is in accordance with the provider manual by the American Heart Association. The American Heart Association has regular updates on set standards and guidelines, and the training provider must also be updated with all these information.

As mentioned above, there is a never ending update to these procedures that is why, just like your CPR Training Class and BLS training, your ACLS certification has to be repeated after two years. Thankfully, recertification is a lot easier than the first ACLS certification. After the course of the training is completed, you will now be receiving your ACLS provider card for you to be able to practice and carry out the things you have learned in training.