8Have you ever though yourself of being in a situation where someone suddenly falls into cardiac arrest and you don’t seem to know what to do yet? Sure a lot of people have known from the movies that they should do CPR to save a person’s life, but the problem is they don’t even know how they should do it. And most people on the other hand don’t realize the importance of undergoing a training for the basics of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation until they actually face an actual situation themselves.

Studies show that about 95% of people who experience cardiac arrest do not make it in time to the hospital to be saved. It also showed that most of the cases usually happen at home, but only a small percentage of 20% receive CPR among them. What’s great is that people who receive CPR has a bigger chance of actually making it to the hospital and surviving the arrest.

Cardiac arrest causes the heart to completely stop pumping blood, which results to a dwindling supply of blood to the major organs like the lungs, kidneys, and heart and will cause it to stop functioning. But if help is given soon enough, one could actually make the heart pump blood manually through a series of chest compressions and sometimes a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is also needed when oxygen is needed in the lungs. By the time professional help arrives, you have been able to buy a little bit of time for the victim and he or she might just be saved because of that.

If most people in the world actually got around to learn the basics of giving CPR, more people who undergoes cardiac arrest may just be saved in time. So what you basically get to learn in a CPR Training Class would be the proper counts and how many rounds you have to give, proper way of giving resuscitations and executing chest compressions, as well as how to resort to doing the more advanced maneuvers just incase it tales longer than usual for the paramedics to arrive. It would take about a few days for you to learn the whole thing and get a certification to perform it legally, so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting a huge chunk of your precious time. Though you would insist that you can easily learn everything from the book, an actual lesson of it is way too different and you could tell that it is better to learn in real life.

It is important to give CPR right away and as fast as you can, that is the key to doing it right. Taking a few hours out of your time for CPR Training is a noble thing and well worth it, after all, you can start saving lives right away.