9There are already a lot of diseases that cause many people to die each day. As you were taking a walk, a stranger or someone in the crowd suddenly had a cardiac arrest. How about if that someone is a friend or a family? What would be your first action when this happens? When this case happen, medical professionals would always encouraged to apply CPR as immediate as possible to reduce the risk of dying, but sad to say, many people are innocent when it comes to CPR. As a matter of fact, when not faced with this kind of shocking situation people will not realize how important it is to have basic education and knowledge about CPR.

In fact, in the United States the most common reason of deaths is sudden cardiac arrest which is estimated into 150,000 people every year and 95% of them didn’t reach the nearest hospital. There are 70% to 80% people who happen to have cardiac arrest emergencies at home, but there are only 20% who receives the aid of CPR. Applying CPR gives a higher chances that a victim of a sudden cardiac arrest will survive.

A person who experiences sudden cardiac arrest will result into cutting the supply of oxygen that our brains and lungs needed because the heart will stop pumping blood. The blood circulation can be regulated through mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and chest compression, thus brain will not lack oxygen for long. And if victims are not provided with these basic aids, then by the time that paramedics arrive there will only be 8 % of survival.

Even when you are not a medical professional, you can still be a part in helping cardiac arrest victims when you engage yourself into CPR Training Classes. There are certain specific aid that you will have to know and learn, just like chest compression, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and other advanced maneuvers. It is not that difficult to learn these things, all you have to do is to spare time to learn them. You can learn CPR through websites or a book, but getting a training is the best and quickest way to learn CPR as you will be provided with authentic activities that will give better experience.

By starting CPR right away, the more it will become effective. There could be nothing effective than providing CPR promptly to increase the chances of living than letting the victim die in your presence. Don’t wait for a minute before providing the CPR because each  passing minute reduces the chances of survival. Don’t hesitate to extend help, as long as you have the proper training on how to do it. And this is the best reward of having a CPR Training Class, the award of saving a life.